Monday, August 23, 2010


18"x24" Oil painting.

I am listing back on eBay.

Last night, my computer decided it isn't going to recognize my camera as a device. I was tired and decided to fiddle around doing ridicules nonsense fixes instead of turning around to my computer geek son to fix it. Basically, my fixing the computer came to plugging and unplugging the USB cable until the blasted software decided to recognized hardware device, burped another moment of denial of recognizing the device pop up but uploaded the photos anyways. Victory! When it happened, I didn't think to poke my expert computer son in the ribs and show him what I did so he can have another that's impossible moment with the computers. I take it one of the updates to one of the programs to the computer rendered the program I have been using for over a year to near uselessness. Yeah, I know the problem really isn't fixed. I know my explaining to my son the problem and how I managed to get the computer to upload the photos will have my son scratching his head like he has a bad case of fleas: Priceless!