Thursday, January 19, 2012


I've been working on this painting with the Old Masters Method. It's not done but this painting was more about learning than turning out well. The stamens need to be added and a few dark veins in the flowers then I'm going to call this done. I will be doing another painting with the same vase and flowers. The background color will be changed.

This painting I did a value sketch on paper. Usually I sketched my paintings in paint with contour lines in very thinned down blue, alizarin crimson or purple oil paint. So getting out the sketch book and doing a value drawing first is different for me.

Now one of my comment buddies commented he doesn't remember ever learning this method in college. It doesn't surprise me at all. The old master methods of teaching art have been cast aside from majority of colleges.  I wished colleges kept these old traditional method classes instead of discarding them. I believe there is room for both styles at colleges.

I recently found a website that is promoting old traditional learning art at approved Atelier schools. Wow, if I was younger I would be heading off to one of these schools.


  1. I was looking at blogs tonight and I came across your's beautiful art works.

  2. Stopsign - Glad you like it.

    Magnetic - Thank you.